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Tutoring Services

We teach the skills, habits and attitudes your child needs to succeed in school.and in life. Schedule a free consultation today to find out how Sylvan's personalized approach to learning can work for your child.

At Sylvan Learning, we:

1. Pinpoint Your Child's Learning Needs

The Sylvan Skills Assessment ® is the first and most important step to building your child's personalized learning plan. It helps us to accurately pinpoint your child's academic strengths and weaknesses.

Consisting of a unique combination of standardized tests, diagnostic tools and personal interviews, Sylvan's comprehensive Skills Assessment will highlight academic strengths and help us uncover problem areas. We'll review the results of the assessment with you and use them as a framework for tailoring a personalized learning plan for your child.

2. Develop a Personalized Learning Plan

We'll use the results of the Sylvan Skills Assessment and our unique insights about what will work best, to develop a personalized learning plan tailored to your child's academic needs. 

3. Employ Qualified and Caring Tutors

Our tutors are warm, caring and highly qualified. We'll get to know your child, and keep lessons fresh and fun. We won't move forward until your child has completely mastered each new skill.

4. Provide Regular Progress Reports

Ongoing progress reports with your child's Sylvan tutor are scheduled regularly throughout your child's personalized program tutoring program. In these conferences, your Sylvan tutor discusses the results of the re-testing and if your child's learning is on track or should be accelerated. There's no mystery involved - you know exactly how your child is progressing every step of the way to success.

If you can't wait until the next scheduled progress report, just ask! Your child's Sylvan tutor will be happy to talk at any point about your child's learning. And your input is one of the most critical components of the tutoring program.

Additionally, with your permission, we'll be in constant touch with your child's classroom teacher to ensure the learning progress made at Sylvan is also being realized at school. You, Sylvan, and your child's teacher will form a unique partnership to make sure all of his learning goals are achieved.

Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College Prep

At Sylvan, we want your child to be successful at every stage of his academic journey. That's why our caring and patient tutors work with your child to build skills, habits and attitudes that last a lifetime. Contact us today to find out how our personalized approach will help your child succeed now, and for years to come!